Independent Convergence

Artists Bek Berger, Dan Koop and Kieran Swann first conceived Independent Convergence as a day where independent artists could form a creative community that thinks differently. This year, Bek Berger, Julien Leyre, Izzy Roberts-Orr and I facilitated a day-long symposium at MPavilion centred on the topic of responsibility. Our provocations:

In a connected world, what is our responsibility to the local spaces of our daily lives, and the global spaces that influence our lives?

In a complex society, what is our responsibility to the communities that we belong to, and the communities around us?

In a place where many cultures meet, what is our responsibility to the tradition(s) that we’ve inherited, and our responsibility to experiment?

In a fast changing world, what is our responsibility to maintain personal consistency, and what is our responsibility to adapt and respond?

In a world of many voices, what is our responsibility to speak and our responsibility to listen?

Here’s my Storify of the event.


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Images from Independent Convergence 2017
My reflections on Independent Convergence 2016
Friday 29 January
at MPavilion
My reflections on Independent Convergence 2015
Friday 22 May
at Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall

Let’s talk about the importance of independent practice.