Social media policy

Because I receive so many work-related direct messages via social media, here’s the note I offer in response:

Thank you for connecting me into your social media world. I enjoy social media as a way of staying in touch with the work of artists, as well as family and friends, across Australia and around the world. Together, we can harness our thinking and develop the ideas and the advocacy that stimulate important public discussion. 

NAVA’s community is vast – and growing – with well over 50,000 Friends, Followers and Members, plus countless others who aren’t formally connected or subscribed. Among so many of us, it’s not possible to respond to work-related matters via social media. Often I’m checking in on social media only while I’m in transit, which is not the best context for responding to your specific matter. I keep social media social, and I try to take time to join public social media discussions when I can, as well as live-tweeting key public forums and events to extend their impact.

Please note that I do not:

  • respond to specific NAVA Membership matters on social media, including requests for professional development support or dispute mediation
  • respond to direct messages about work-related matters
  • participate in dispute discussions, even and indeed especially when I have been tagged into a thread on the expectation that I will participate, mediate or resolve
  • promote your business
  • tolerate abuse nor respond to trolls, who are reported and blocked without exception.

For all NAVA Membership matters, please contact the NAVA office directly:

For all meeting requests, please contact the NAVA office, noting that one of my colleagues will be able to speak with you sooner than I can.

For all media enquiries, please contact NAVA’s publicist, Jane Morey at Morey Media on 0416 097 678. 

My thanks for your understanding,



IMAGE: Listening and live-tweeting at Future/Forward. Photograph by Zan Wimberley.