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Place, Practice, Politics
AADR (Art Architecture Design Research), Spurbuch, Germany
Forthcoming March 2022
Place, practice and politics are what define us. They ground us deeply – but they can also unsettle us profoundly, exposing deep conflicts at the very heart of who we are… and, most often, when we’re right in the middle of getting on with everything that keeps us too busy to think it all through. Meanwhile, the world keeps taking shape around us, our work evolves, and distant decisions shape our lives. What futures are we designing by default? What collaborations are we complicit in? How can we incorporate an active civic engagement into our professional and creative practice – into our everyday lives? Esther Anatolitis presents a dynamic snapshot of her own practice from a distinctly Australian context but with a global perspective, offering tools and techniques for integrating that engagement into our daily practice. Taking leaps across spatial, creative, professional and political work, this is an unsettling text. Because what grounds us the most are the very tensions that unsettle us – and unless we engage them directly, we will continue to jeopardise our place, our practice and our politics.
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Her Voice: Greek-Australian Women and their Friends
Edited by Varvara Athanasiou-Ioannou, 2021
Chapter: Interview/profile, Stathia Anatoliti

The Relationship is the Project
Brow Books, 2019
Co-edited by Jade Lillie, Kate Larsen, Cara Kirkwood and Jax Jacki Brown
Chapter: The Role of the Institution
The Relationship is the Project is a vital new resource for emerging practitioners, artists and cultural workers looking to better engage with community-based projects. Creative producer Jade Lillie led this work as part of her 2018/19 Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship. The book includes insights into the ethics and logistics of working in community contexts from thought-leaders across the arts, cultural and community sectors.

Vol. 79, Issue 2 Winter 2020
Edited by Jonathan Green
Essay: The Long Tail of the Bauhaus

Permanent Recession
Edited by Channon Goodwin
Onomatopee 2019
Chapter: Research and Advocacy in the Visual Arts (discussion)
Permanent Recession: a Handbook on Art, Labour and Circumstance is an enquiry into the capitals and currencies of experimental, radical and artist-run initiatives in Australia. Excavating a shared history of independent practice stretching back to the 1980s, this publication situates new research within a rich continuum of debate about the Australian artmaking context. Part research, part advocacy document, part literature review, part reader, part position paper, Permanent Recession is a living contribution to current thought.

Griffith Review
No. 61 Winter 2020: Who We Are
Edited by Julianne Schultz
Memoir: The Stories We Don’t Tell

Vol. 76, Issue 2 Winter 2017
Edited by Jonathan Green
Essay: Arts for Our Sake

Exhibition catalogue 2016
Out of print

The Emerging Writer
Edited by Karen Pickering
EWF Publishing 2012
Chapter: How to make yourself a writing retreat
Every writer has to find their own way to emerge – there is no set route, no absolute path and no road that must be followed. But there is a lot we can learn from those who have travelled before us: how to get there more directly, how to bypass the road blocks, traverse the peaks and valleys, or which is the most scenic route. The Emerging Writer: An Insider’s Guide to Your Writing Journey Vol 3 is an insider’s guide full of valuable advice from fellow travellers – a resource you can keep within arm’s length, for when you need to consult that map again to help you find your way.

un magazine
Issue 5.2 2011
Feature: Art ⇄ Architecture