What can be as tantalising and as terrifying as the blank page?

The empty card-file, awaiting the next index and the next system.

Today I’ve read through five of the 18 Volumes, and created a new set of references on a new set of cards:

  • Australian culture
  • Capitalism
  • Contradiction
  • Creative trajectory
  • Horizon
  • Identity
  • Independence
  • Intimacy
  • A philosophy of place
  • Space
  • Universality
  • What writing means to me
  • Where to live, how to live, how best to live.

Illuminating. Some entries are critiques; some, expositions; some, devastatingly honest explorations that give recognisable concepts new meaning. Some are diagrams e.g. the entry tagged “horizon” is a diagram and mathematical formula for calculating the distance to the horizon relative to your own height, or more specifically to your eye level.

So much more ground to cover. I’ve barely scratched the surface. So tantalising.