Where do you like it better: there or here?

Why did you leave us?

Oh did you hear that? I didn’t mean for you to hear that.

Can you translate for me?

Excuse me, could you please give me directions to the…

Your Greek is excellent. Why did you learn it?

You don’t remember? You remember better than me.

Why the public space? Why not merely the political?

Is any man hurting you?

Will I ever see you again? I will never see you again.

Can you sense this? Inhale, breathe… Breathe in Ταϋγετος.  Breathe in Χελμό. When you breathe in our mountains, you breathe in life.

You are more γκομενάρα every time I see you! How is this possible?

How many more years could you possibly be able to stay in Australia?

I am tired. I feel fatigued. What does my work mean to you?

Madame would like?

Am I making the right decision?

How has your French come to be so good? Usually people who speak English don’t bother with other languages.

What do you know about Kyrgyzstan?

Will we make this together?

Where does the line end?

Where did you learn your subtlety?

Are you in the perfect place?


IMAGE: The graffiti reads I LOVE YOU, BUT… as a fitting ode to Greece. The reservoir is some 20km north of my grandmother’s home outside Skortsinou. My travels across December and January have passed through Greece, France, Italy and Switzerland. Photo by Esther Anatolitis.