Keen to develop your advocacy skills to champion the arts with confidence, but not sure where or how to begin?

Let’s work on developing those skills together.

Every Wednesday evening, join Esther Anatolitis and Australia’s leading advocacy thinkers and practitioners online at 4pm AEST.

Let’s talk arts, policy, media, political and public engagement. What works? What doesn’t? What can we achieve together?

Our aim is to foster confident, informed advocacy by smart, connected artists and arts leaders. Not just once-off, not just in an emergency, but in an ongoing way that precludes such policy and funding emergencies. Let’s build something that lasts.

This comprehensive 16-week program presents focused workshops on the industry, policy, media and political components of advocacy, with live interviews featuring:

  • Alex Marsden
  • Anne Robertson
  • Nadeena Dixon
  • Selena de Carvalho
  • Wesley Enoch AM
  • John Alexander MP
  • Zoe McKenzie
  • Darren Rudd
  • John Daley
  • Dr Jackie Bailey
  • Mike Mrdak AO
  • Maria Vamvakinou MP
  • Michaela Boland
  • George Megalogenis
  • Abdul Abdullah
  • Jane Morey
  • Adam Bandt MP
  • Nicholas Pickard
  • Mark Textor
  • Helen O’Neil

All sessions are recorded and transcribed, and available the next day.

The full program is collected here.