In the post-truth ‘fake news’ era, the work of researchers and academics turns far too frequently to the inaccurate and misleading statements issued by politicians.

Given the complexity of the arts and cultural sector, a little confusion is understandable. All through the COVID19 crisis, however, the industry has devoted considerable above-and-beyond time to providing detailed statistics, analyses and case studies, outlining what’s at stake in the absence of a comprehensive national focus. This information has also been released publicly on a regular basis, giving audiences and stakeholders the confidence that we’re redressing the health, economic and cultural aspects of this emergency.

The contributions of the Australian Government to these public discussions have required a great deal of scrutiny. Let’s fact-check some recent claims…

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IMAGE: Aleksandra Domanović, Substances of human origin (Pose 1, 2, 3) (2015), installation view, Future Eaters, photograph by Esther Anatolitis.