Lost Tablets
Edited by Jan van Schaik, 2022
Chapter: Köbenhavn
The Lost Tablets are a series of works by Jan van Schaik that explore the geometric language of architecture through the medium of children’s building blocks. The Lost Tablets book explores the tension between the ideal of a shared architectural language, and the intrinsically personal nature of architectural interpretation. Within the book, 50 authors respond to the first 50 works in the Lost Tablets series, with each author articulating their perception of one work, in their own language, and in a form corresponding to their own interests.

My piece playfully reconfigures historical documents evoked by the name of my allocated tablet. Writing the piece was a joyful adventure, as were the times I’ve spend in Jan’s studio watching him surrounded by Lego in happy experimentation.

Launched Saturday 19 February 2022 at Bookshop by Uro as part of the Melbourne Art Fair Precinct Night at Collingwood Yards.