Part of the Just Gold Think Culture program, the new Multicultural Museum trail curates an open dialogue between the Immigration, Chinese, Hellenic, Jewish, Islamic and Italian Museums, examining the ways museums invite everyone to participate, engage, understand, and respect different cultures and traditions. 

Spanning across 3 days, the event consists of a Museum Trail over the weekend of the 26th to 27th of November, and wraps up with an exclusive Q&A event on Monday the 28th featuring a discussion regarding representations of culture in our multicultural society.


Esther Anatolitis

Writer. Incoming Editor, Meanjin. Creative practice, policy and precincts strategy at Test Pattern. National Gallery of Australia Governing Councillor. Hon. A/Prof, RMIT School of Art.

Dr Joseph Lo Bianco, AM, FAH

Professor of Language and Literacy Educationat the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and serves as Immediate Past President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (the first educator elected to this role). In 2012 he was appointed Research Director of the UNICEF Language and Peacebuilding initiative in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand

Erfan Daliri

Systems Thinking for Social Change Consultant | Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion | Race Equity Specialist | Founder of Newkind Social Justice Conference

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