Occupy the public space with the comfortable posture of your body engaged in focused writing.

This Thursday, take your writing outside.

This idea came from an exchange between Jessica Alice and Esther Anatolitis during INDEX-SYSTEM‘s exhibition at Mailbox:

“Performing writing is something we rarely do, and something we always do, except that we undervalue the banality of the professional writing that occupies most of the working day for so many of us. We need to take a more deliberate interest in what we actually produce each day: the writing we render disposable, the meaning we create, the words we choose. Banality is woefully underrated, and yet it’s the daily practice that can be most transformative. I would very much like to stage a writing performance of scale: a critical mass of solitary writers working in the public space. Now that I have written this, it will happen – such is the power of the written word. From 4:00-6:00pm on Thursday 21 April on the front lawn, front steps or front anything of every library in the country, with the largest group outside the State Library of Victoria as the City of Literature’s finest escape the Wheeler Centre for the afternoon. Hey spread the word, dear reader, because this is totally a thing now…”

Here’s the interview in full:

Share this all around the world – and let’s get the words out on the street: