Writing & Concepts: Esther Anatolitis
5:00pm-6:00pm Thursday 21 April 2016
RMIT Design Hub
Public lecture series produced by Jan van Schaik

Auslan interpreted by Lynn Gordon

On 21 April I gave a lecture as part of the Writing & Concepts series produced by Jan van Schaik at the RMIT Design Hub. My talk spanned the entirety of my practice, connecting the concepts that underly my work with the process that drives it – with a focus on what INDEX-SYSTEM has illuminated for me.

Here’s the audio of the talk, which is not yet captioned. 

WRITING & CONCEPTS is a free public lecture series designed to explore the potential of writing as both a process and an outcome.

The lectures continue throughout 2016 and alternate between practitioners for whom the written form is their primary professional output, and practitioners whose work manifests as exhibitions or events within the domain of contemporary art.