Across my career I’ve created lots of tools and templates while approaching new challenges or revisiting important work. I’ve then tweaked them over the years, adapting them on the go, adding new ones, retiring unhelpful ones, and sharing them whenever asked. Today, they’re in use at dozens of organisations all over Australia. For their development, I am indebted to my time at the National Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council, Express Media, SBS, Emerging Writers’ Festival, Craft Victoria, SYN Media, Melbourne Fringe, Regional Arts Victoria and the National Association for the Visual Arts.

Please use whatever can be of use. Over time, let’s keep adapting and sharing them so that there’s always a helpful starting point for someone who’s stuck, tired, over it!, or just starting out. It’s not comprehensive… it’s just what I’ve got to hand, and every now and then I’ll add some more. Each template is an editable document, so that you can use and adapt. Please help yourself.

As we used to say at Craft Victoria: measure twice, cut once.





Advocacy and sector development

IMAGE: Regional Arts Victoria’s leadership team on a strategic planning retreat at TarraWarra Museum of Art, 2014. Photograph by Adelaide Fisher.