V1/28.11.99     Download; redress other-directedness of consciousness; record.

V4/22-24.11.01     Desire. Intimacy.

V6/15.06.03     Presence.

V6/17.06.03     Comfort, explication, understanding, emotion, confidence.

V8/07.10.04     A presence, a fireplace, a pet. Self-determination.

V12/13.09.05     As a relationship.

V12/12.06.06     And lived experience; critique; Hegelian and Nietzschean system.

V15/15.05.11     A space of my own; a mode of thought; a retreat.

V15/17.05.11     Emergence of professional practice.

v15/18.05/11     As identity; thinking-through-writing, writing-through-thinking.

V15/18.05/11     As art. As craft. As constitutive. As love.

V17/25.08.13     Love of handwriting and changes over time.

V17/24.03.14     Completeness, strength, peace, balance, validation.

V18/28.03.14     The writing body and its facial expression.

V18/11.06.14     ‘Writing on writing’ as a project.

V19/26.09.14     Contentment as ever-moving present.

V19/09.10.14     Write. Write every day. Write with the hands. Write with the energy that waxes and wanes with the day’s rhythms and obligations and hours. Write as a love-making, as a compact, as an intensification, as a glossary and a semantics. Write as a communion. Write the space you will come to inhabit. Write the self into being. Write the kerchiefed head against the night sky. Write the intricate history of the tangible object while feeling its weight in the hands. Write with time, write without time, write in and out of time. Create textures with the hands and systems with the typing fingers. Don’t invent worlds. Make realities deeper. Complexify. Find the elegant within the chaos and celebrate it only for a moment. Return to it obliquely, determinately. Deterritorialise. Recognise. Experiment. Make words play. They want to play. They dance across the page – they seek out the corners that they’ve always already created, to hide, to show – they signify, they defer. Here, writing the now.

S1/27     Viscosity and flow: writing as duration.

V22/02.01.16     The texture I make on the page as I write.

V22/23.02.16     The long-form continuity of the essentially discontinuous line.