Platform Papers No.50 is Lindy Hume’s Restless Giant: Changing Cultural Values in Regional Australia. With thanks to Federation University and the West Gippsland Performing Arts Centre, I was part of two regional launches for Lindy’s paper – each one an important evening debating the contested identities of the regional as well as the regional artist.

Lindy describes “counter-urban” as a concept for “how and why we live in regional Australia, rather than where.” In doing so, she has started an important discussion, one that is long overdue… The only counter-urban movement I’m interested in is the one that actively exposes entrenched concentrations of power – political, commercial, cultural and artistic – and works to overcome those concentrations with empathy, with integrity, and with style.

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Restless Giant is Currency House’s Platform Papers No 50. Currency House is a not-for-profit advocacy association for the performing arts with a mission to raise the level of understanding and appreciation of their cultural and material value to our society. The Platform Papers are written by artists and arts researchers from their own experience and examine the sector at ground level, drawing attention to issues affecting its health – from arts practice to politics – seeking new directions and showing a way forward.

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IMAGE (L-R): Jill Orr, Lindy Hume, Bryce Ives, Esther Anatolitis, Rob Robson, Tanja Beer, Andrew Walsh, at Federation University, Monday 20 February 2016. Photo by Federation University.