Light. Darkness and light. Light in darkness. Abstracted sound, a spatial exploration, a sonar. Movement. The sensation of movement before the perception of movement. The perception of movement before the perception of bodies. Primordial movement, emerging from a fog, provoking the senses, inviting interpretation before offering context, before offering form. Light falling on muscle, limb and costume, in motion, through fog, in line, in disciplined composition. Lean bodies lengthened as arched heels sway long skirts aproned by hands set in pockets and elbows set at angles flanking supple waists. Six bodies in formation interrupting light scattered through fog as one continuous wave-form.


Bodies. Bodies at rest. Bodies in form. Bodies disciplined, bodies strong and powerful, bodies articulating new forms through ligaments and tendons, joints and muscles. Bodies without heads. Bodies arched into torsos, bodies arched into diagonals, bodies arched and bodies at rest. Bodies presented as a series, a frieze in motion, an invitation to observe difference and repetition with rigour. Eight bodies laying parallel to form one plane of spatial exploration with shoulder blades and buttocks for feet.


IMAGE: TAO Dance Theatre performing 8 at Sadler’s Wells, October 2016. Photograph by TAO Dance Theatre accessed via Facebook.
TAO Dance Theatre performed
6 and 8 as part of Asia TOPA at Arts Centre Melbourne 22-24 February 2017.