Top 10 Questions for the Next CEO of the Australia Council

The Australia Council is now looking for its next CEO via executive recruiters Transearch. Here’s a list of questions to which applicants for this pivotal role should have answers:

  1. What’s your vision for First Nations arts and culture? Will you prioritise fostering new institutions, or transforming existing institutions? Will you advocate for Indigenous artistic leadership, or transform our understanding of what leadership can mean? With 2019 being the UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages, what will the Australia Council do to infuse the Australian culture with our first languages?
  2. How will you inspire your staff to remain connected with current practice and emerging trends across all art forms – including the art forms we haven’t heard of yet? …

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IMAGE: My live documentation of the Unexpected Partnerships longtable session in which both Tony Grybowski and I participated, at the 2016 IFACCA World Summit, facilitated by Magdalena Moreno.