The Relationship is the Project is a vital new resource for emerging practitioners, artists and cultural workers looking to better engage with community-based projects. Creative producer Jade Lillie led this work as part of her 2018/19 Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship. Co-edited by Jade Lillie, Kate Larsen, Cara Kirkwood and Jax Jacki Brown, the book includes insights into the ethics and logistics of working in community contexts from thought-leaders across the arts, cultural and community sectors:

  • Genevieve Grieves – First Peoples First
  • Alia Gabres – Intersectionality
  • Eleanor Jackson – The Art of Collaboration
  • Tania Cañas – Ethics and Self-Determination
  • Caroline Bowditch – Access and Inclusion
  • Samuel Kanaan-Oringo and Rosie Dennis – Creating Communities
  • Lia Pa’apa’a – Creatively and Culturally Safe Spaces
  • Adolfo Aranjuez – Platforming for Community: Going beyond surface representation
  • Ruth De Souza and Robyn Higgins – Cultural Safety
  • Dianne Jones, Odette Kelada and Lilly Brown – Racial Literacy: What is ‘race’ and why is it so important to understand?
  • Esther Anatolitis – The Role of the Institution
  • Anna Reece – The Role of Festival Making
  • Daniel Santangeli – Working with Queer Communities and Artists
  • Lenine Bourke – Age, Autonomy and Radical Flexibility: Collaborating with Children and Young People
  • Fotis Kapetopoulos – Audiences and Cultural Diversity
  • Kate Larsen – Duty of Care
  • Paschal Berry – No End Date: Timeframes and expectations

with three chapters by Jade Lillie:

  • Introduction to Community Engaged Practice
  • #EpicFail
  • The Relationship is the Project

The Relationship is the Project is published by Brow Books.

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IMAGE: Front cover of The Relationship is the Project. Photograph by Esther Anatolitis.