Esther Anatolitis in conversation with Eugenia Lim
Hosted by Daniel Palmer

What’s the best way to change the cultural practices of an entire planet so that we’ll willingly separate ourselves from one another to protect lives? Isolated in lockdown, how is it that people are craving creative experiences and rediscovering creative skills? Why won’t our governments focus first and foremost on what stimulates and inspires us? Ah, but we’re told: ‘There are more important things in the world than art right now.’ Meanwhile, our economy is in freefall, mental health is in crisis, and economic stimulus measures exclude the arts and education sectors whose work creates our future.

RMIT’s School of Art welcomes its newest Adjunct Associate Professor Esther Anatolitis, Executive Director of NAVA, in conversation with artist/lecturer Eugenia Lim and Professor Daniel Palmer.

1:00-2:00pm AEST Monday 4 May 2020
Here’s the recording


IMAGE: Eugenia Lim and Esther Anatolitis. Photograph of Esther Anatolitis by Alex Frayne.