As creative labour has been reclassified and flattened as ‘content’ and technology platforms have further controlled the flow of revenue in the creative industries, artists, creators, cultural institutions, policy makers and philanthropists have been playing catch up.

In this spicy in-person conversation, led by arts advocate Esther Anatolitis, Cory Doctorow and Rebecca Giblin will take you on a journey through this 21st century creative landscape which has now been designed to separate creative laborers from the value they create at every possible point.

Drawing on their recent book Chokepoint Capitalism (Scribe 2022), Doctorow and Giblin will discuss what social, cultural and economic changes are possible and necessary to make a fairer future with more just and equitable use of rapidly advancing technologies.

Signed copies of Chokepoint Capitalism will be available to purchase on the night.

This event is a separately ticketed part of ACMI’s Future of Arts, Culture & Technology symposium.