NETS Victoria and the Public Galleries Association of Victoria present the 2020 Curatorial Intensive: Curating Safe Practices. Unlike previous iterations, the 2020 program adopts a new format comprising of a free series of one-hour webinars.

The program is multi-faceted and provides a platform for curators, artists and writers to share their experiences and knowledge with one another through a live Q+A forum.

Sessions include: managing curatorial risk; First Nations cultural safety; online engagement; and best practice for working inclusively with artists with disability. In addition, a live curatorial one-on-one networking session will be held in break-out rooms where curators will be paired together for ten-minute conversations before being rotated.

Curatorial One-on-One is a live curatorial session where you will be paired up with another curator to discuss topics that have been explored in this year’s Curatorial Intensive. It will provide a rare opportunity to connect beyond your geographical area to another curator and discuss some of the burning issues affecting our post-pandemic environment. Each pairing will last ten minutes and you will be randomly paired with three other curators in total, hosted by Esther Anatolitis. In a bid to bring like-minded people together to reflect and learn from previous sessions, this one-on-one session is a chance to pick each other’s brains, discuss the issues facing the arts, and how we can all learn from each other’s experiences.

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IMAGE: From Taking Your Curatorial Position, KTH Stockholm 2019. Photograph by Esther Anatolitis.