What does it mean to care for stories in a time of separation? How do we centre culture as a civil right in Australia’s increasingly superficial public discussion? How do we move beyond the ‘jobs and growth’ narrative to rearticulate public value? What will it take to secure the economic rights of cultural workers? And how best to harness the voices that create Australia’s future?

This month, a series of Adelaide-based conversations under the Reset Arts and Culture banner will culminate in a bold event designed to set a new public agenda for the arts.

With thanks to arts champions the Arts Industry Council of South Australia, the Reset collaborators (Flinders University, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia), and thought leaders the Don Dunstan Foundation, Reset will bring us all together for two transformative days.

And just in time, too: we’re almost ready to re-emerge from lockdown exhaustion and re-energise our thinking…

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