Let’s spend an entire afternoon reflecting on creative practice.

How do you talk about your work? How do you connect with what drives you? How have the past couple of years disrupted your practice? And how long has it been since you’ve paused and reflected on how and why you create work – and what might come next?

This year’s MPavilion is designed to glitter our minds into appreciating entirely new horizons. Its intricate verticality draws the eye and the body upwards, reframing the sky in ways that recast our imaginations. Because we need this so much right now.

Each MPavilion year, long-time collaborator Esther Anatolitis has offered an open and welcoming event that draws on generative architectures to stimulate new thinking. Vertical Horizons makes that much-needed space and time for reinvigoration. This workshop will reconnect you with your practice, your peers and your future.

Bring your journal or visual diary and your favourite pens – and wear comfortable clothes. Let’s take some good time together.

Vertical Horizons
1:00-5:00pm Saturday 18 December 2021
at MPavilion

IMAGE: MPavilion 2021 by MAP Studio (Venice)